©2016 e.gosney


It begins with a sentence
A word, rather.
A single syllable slipped out
between teeth and tongue

Wanting to be heard
but more to be understood.
Speech splices the already broken
fragments of silent resolve.

Pieces and bits
tumble over the lips,
finding too late that they will
never return to their secret solitudes,
their undiscovered hideaways.

The sounds turn to shrapnel
Cutting, piercing, wounding
as they shoot into the unsuspecting recipients.

Expecting, but all the same unaware.

Single syllables create words
create sentences
create emotions
destroy confidence
destroy trust
destroy what once was.

Needing to be heard.
Aching to find respite.
Knowing there is no welcome home
for the unwanted words
slipping out between teeth and tongue.

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