A poem I wrote in 2010.

"2011 - Life"

Above all else, life is beautiful.
Above all, in spite of, and in the end — beautiful.
To whaling cheeks and tongue, milk is given.
From the fallen, bloodied knees, there is a rising.
Each broken heart is soothed and cookies three:
My father's edible hugs. The chocolate gushes out
Like the ocean basalt lava he studies and adores.
Laughter envelopes weeping, dissolving the sadness.
The sun yawns itself over the eastern mountains,
Unafraid of its ever-encroaching exit across the globe.
The moon comes next, smiling his sly, mystic grin,
Courting his starry-eyed women with every-changing face.
He blushes red as he sets, making way once more for the sun.
There is no end, only beginnings. And then, eternity.

©2015, e.gosney