There is inconsistency and there is willful
avoidance of the expected. I choose both
because some things should be avoided
and I'm naturally inconsistent.
Is that a word? Sounds funny to
me, like a walrus plucking blueberries whilst riding atop
a portable birdbath.

It is a word. I just looked it up.


The words burn as they try to escape from the vessel that encapsulates the rage.

Wait, no, that's just heartburn.
We're good.


Snaps of color bounce across
a gray-slated plane of mediocrity.
A cry slips out of cracked lips, half agony, half unknown.

Damn. I dropped my bag of Skittles.



  1. You are ridiculous. Wish I could see you more.

  2. I think you meant, "Darn. I dropped my bag of Skittles." And yes, I've been there.