Denton, Texas - May 2012
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"We didn't know it was the beginning."

"No, no we did not."

"Then how did we know it was something worthwhile?"

"I did."

"You did?"

"No. I just like to think I did. Sometimes it's nice to pretend."

"Are you pretending now?"

"About what?"

"About this being the end."

"No. This is real life. This is the end."


She had been gazing at the side of his face as he stared stubbornly forward. She turned away now, head and body, as he confirmed in words what she had sensed for weeks. Months actually. This was it. The end. And he didn't seem to care all that much.

"Well if he doesn't care," she thought to herself, "neither will I. I never really liked him anyway. Nope. Not even a little bit." Her face twisted slightly in subtle disgust as she looked up again, studying his stone profile.

"I did love you." Jerked from her resolution of disdain, his unexpected words aroused a hidden hope, and then stung her with past tense. His stare continuing to penetrate the infinite space in front of him.

"And I you." Her plum cheeks rose up beneath pillars of a smile as her eyes left the present to explore long-gone days. Scrolling, flipping, page after page of memories, until the past caught up and the pillars were yanked out from under the plum cheeks. Her face crashed into the darkness of the present.

"We didn't know it was the beginning," she began, "perhaps we don't know if this is the end."

"Perhaps," he replied. "But I doubt it."

Slowly he stood, studying his knees, the chair arm, then the door handle.

Her head twisted over her shoulder as she watched him leave.

"Sometimes it's nice to pretend."


© 2014

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  1. That's my mantra as well--If he doesn't care then neither will I. Self preservation.