I heard it today. I heard my life. Through the chambers of a trumpet and across piano keys I heard my life. Smooth. Lively. Inviting. The kind of rhythm that brings a smile -- forces a smile. No. The kind of rhythm that slips a smile on to your unsuspecting face, like a pick pocket in reverse.

That's how I hear it, no matter what those people say. They tell me I can't be happy here, can't be happy alone, can't be happy until I have. But I do have. And I hear. And I see. All around me it swirls, unglimpsed by them, but a cloud of colors to me. I hear my life and I see the notes from my future. In the mist I watch the shapes of those yet to be, the memories and the unborn and the unmet just waiting for me to arrive. "I'm coming," I sing to them, dancing my way toward what will be, enveloped in the magic that is.


[photo taken at Disneyland in February, by me.]


  1. Girl.
    Mathematical, to say the least.

  2. I hear my life and I see the notes from my future. Beautiful! Love it.