Thought on Humanity:

There's this girl that lives at my apartment complex. She's white, with dirty blond dread locks, and an electric car that's covered in Coexist, Save the Planet, Don't Shoot Cows stickers. To be honest, I thought that would be me in another life. Probably for the dread locks. [I researched how to make my hair into dread locks in 10th grade. Didn't follow through. But I digress.] I saw her the other day, getting out of her electric car, wearing her bio-degradable pants, carrying about 10 bags of groceries. IN PLASTIC BAGS. I lost all hope in humanity in that moment. And I realized she should be stripped of her Chacos; her buckets of red paint confiscated. Plastic bags. Sheesh. Who does she think she is?

Thoughts on Pinterest:

1) Either I'm getting old or my friends are trying REALLY hard to be geniune hipsters, because there seems to be an over-abundance of knitting and crocheting pins lately.

2) One of these days I'm going to start pinning lots of baby things, then wedding and engagement related things, just to freak people out. It'll culminate with breast feeding tips, Teen Mom cover stories, "How to Pick the Right Sperm Donor" articles, and wedding/baby shower invitation design ideas. People will be so confused. It'll be hilarious. I'm just sad I won't be able to see their faces.


I started collecting quotes like ... a ... person who likes collecting quotes, in 8th grade. I wrote them down, by hand, from the internet. Apparently I didn't have access to a printer. Or MAYBE that's the reason my handwriting is so great. Regardless, there seemed to be quite a few quotes by some mysterious genius named "Anon." I was intrigued. Who was this man? Where did he glean all his widsom? What was his last name? Was he a contemporary of Socrates? Shakespeare? Hemingway? It wasn't until my junior year -- three YEARS later -- that I discovered the mystery behind the four-lettered man. I'm more than slightly ashamed.

A Photo:
Found this guy in OKC. At the biggest -- OK, so really the ONLY -- skyscraper in the city.
Psh, brother, please. I'm gonna tell my own dang story. I'm not letting those jokers out there ruin my story with bad punctuation and misplaced capitalization.


  1. I missed your blog posts. And your face. I am so excited to live by you soon!

  2. So, what made you think that Anon was a man? Why not a woman?

    1. I knew SOMEONE would mention that. But I figured it had to be a man. Anon is too masculine sounding. :)