Are you reading my mission letters?! You should be. Read them here: hermanagosney.blogspot.com

Also, I probably won't be posting anything else here for a while, since I've run out of ideas for pre-scheduled posts. Shucks.



I forgot about these. Here are some pictures from my roadtrip in January from Utah to Texas.

Mason and Gage 

Gage, Mason and me 

Me in Monument Valley, Utah 

Spencer, me and James 

James, me and Spencer right before I left. (Spencer was crying, sweet little guy.)

 Conner and Scotty outside the Albuquerque Temple

Max and me

Man I have a lot of nephews, and this isn't even all of them! :)


I might not have ready access to Pinterest, but that doesn't mean my Humor Board isn't sitting there, ready for you to look through. I'm pretty sure it'll make you laugh. Or at least chuckle.

[Click here.]

Oh, and Happy Birthday Mom (in 5 days)! Hopefully somebody sings to you using a wooden spoon as a mic. And hopefully there's less carnage than the proceeding picture. 


General Conference was great, right? Or, no, wait, it will be. This weekend, I suppose. Wish me luck, I'll most likely be listening to it in Spanish.

In case you wanted a little something different to watch in addition to General Conference, here are some good Doctor Who clips. Because you can't ever have enough Doctor Who. (And because someone should enjoy Doctor Who while I'm away and unable to. Haha.)