Yet MORE memories. I can safely say I'm probably really missing my family right about now. Hope you're missing me too.

Thomas - You made me and you and Catherine an omelet one time that was about the size of Rhode Island and we took it outside to eat it. We took a seat at the big spindle thing we had under our carport, the thing they probably used to store telephone wire cable or something. Also the spindle thing the neighbors told us to get rid of because it brought down the look of the neighborhood. Psh, losers. We at the omelet with barbeque sauce because that was really the only way to do it, according to you. It was a good omelet, by the way.

Catherine - Remember how we used to play cats in our room? And the four walls of the bedroom were the four walls of a cardboard box we cats lived in? Yeah, that was messed up. And then I pretended to scratch my way up the cardboard box wall and proceeded to fall onto and knock off the shelf of not-pretend tea sets.

Brianna - When you were just learning to talk in full sentences, Brianna, I was so proud of teaching you to say, "Boo, Mariners. Go Angels!" because the Mariners were playing the Angels at the time and I wanted you to say it to Dad (Grandpa). You said it pretty perfectly a couple times, but when it came to saying it to anyone other than me, you wouldn't. Thanks a lot. ;) (Just joking!)

Hayden - I love that you give me a hug every time I come to your house. Remember how we went to go get doughnuts at Krispy Kreme back in December (2012)? You got a Krispy Kreme hat and we listened to Beatles songs and I was just so impressed by your attention to detail and concentration on the lyrics. Those doughnuts were good, too, huh?

Tucker - When you were a baby, I thought it was fun to lift you up high and sometimes throw you into the air and catch you again. What I didn't know, one such time, was that you had just eaten and so any pressure on your stomach would send baby vomit out of your mouth. Unfortunately, I was right underneath you, mid-throw-and-catch, and got that puke all over my face. Gross. It was pretty funny though.

Mason - I never feel left out when I come over to your house, Mason. You always want me to play, and I love buliding castles with you out of the wooden blocks and knocking them down. We'll have to build a lot of castles when I get back from Chile!

Gage - You, my friend, are awesome. Watching you dance to Gangnam Style never got old. You've got some sweet moves, dude, and your smile is the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Spencer - When we went to the Albuquerque Aquarium a few Christmas' ago, you were so enthralled by the fish, and after we left (which was hard to do, because you wanted to stay) all you could say all day was, "The fishes, the fishes, the fishes, the fishes," in a sing-songy voice. And then you would also say, "The fiya (fire), the fiya, the fiya, the fiya," when you saw the fireplace at Grandma and Grandpa Gosney's. I still quote that.

James - Me, you and Spencer had a great time at your house the last time I visited, playing monsters. And the time before that we played hide-and-go-seek and you were always so excited to be playing, that a lot of times you wouldn't stay hidden, or you'd come out and tell me where Spencer was hiding. That made me laugh.


Elizabeth/Aunt Lizzy

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