The last of the memories about my family:

Conner - I still quote you, Conner, from when you were about 2 or 3 years old. "Cute boots, Mom. Cute boots." And also another favorite, you singing along to that rap song: "Flashing ... Lights-lights." I even got my roommates to quote it like you said it.

Scotland - You didn't like me very much when you were tiny, Scotty. You only liked your parents. But one day me and you were playing up in your room in Provo and it was a good 15 minutes before you realized that your parents weren't around. Then all hell broke loose, but it was fun while it lasted.

Maximus - That last time I saw you, just this past January, me and you were thick as thieves for those 36 hours I was at your house. We built two forts and watched Disney Channel and you showed me your Power Rangers toys and your great dance moves. That was so much fun.

Charlie - When your parents were both going to school at BYU, Charlie, I babysat you for about an hour or so every other day on the second floor of the Joseph Smith Building. One day you got a poopy diaper and unbeknownst to me, it had gone all up your back as well. Trying to get your onsie off became one disgusting mess quite quickly, and I pretty much decided then that I'm never having kids that poop and you owe me one.

Aurora - I remember going grocery shopping with you and Charlie and your mom in Provo. We'd always get the shopping cart with the play car attached to the front, and you and Charlie would sit up there having a grand old time. You make the funniest faces and ignore Charlie when he wanted you to get out. It was pretty hilarious.

Jemma - I remember holding you in the hospital when you were first born and taking pictures of you and Uncle Thomas. You were one teeny-tiny thing with a bow in your fuzzy hair.

Lillyanna - A couple weeks before I left for my mission, me and Benton came into your room where you were taking a nap. Without even looking at us, you heard Benton talking and said (mostly to yourself), "And so it begins again."

Benton - Sshh, don't tell anyone, but you're my favorite. Don't worry, I'll keep your secret that I'm your favorite too. I love your high-fives and half-smiles that explode into laughs. You're adorable, Benton, in a masculine kind of way.


Aunt Lizzy

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