Some more memories, as promised:

Deon - I remember you taking me and Catherine (or maybe it was just me?) to Edmonds one day. It was so fun, going in your Suburu station wagon and listening to Barenaked Ladies. We went and got my hair cut, without Mom's permission. I remember how light my head felt afterward, and also how mad Mom was that you got my hair cut without her permission. Haha.

Dillan - I watched you play basketball a couple times in Provo. I remember thinking, "Those chumps don't stand a chance against my brother-in-law." And I was right. Until you broke your ankle.

Kelsey - Getting stuck on Space Mountain at Disneyland was pretty rad, huh? Getting to see the inner workings when they turned on all the lights to fix the rollercoaster, wondering how we weren't decapitated around every turn, taking a picture on the ride. Then it wasn't so fun when we got to go a second time and nearly lost our over-priced lunches. Thanks, Walt.

Ben - When you came to visit us for the first time in Kingston, it must've been after church because I was wearing a skirt. But that didn't stop you from picking me up and spinning me around. I thought, "He's either gonna be a great brother-in-law, or this is gonna be really awkward." Lucky for me, it's both!



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