Hey, me again. Remember last week when I posted memories of Mom and Dad? Well, here are a few more:

Gabe - I used to think that caricature of Morrissey you had in your room in Logan was a picture of you. I also thought the ear plugs in your room in Logan were somehow a sign that you were deaf. I don't know why I was in your room so much.

Anna - Girls nights with me, you and Cath were always fun. I can't even remember what we did differently than most other nights, but the fact that they were called Girls Night and you wanted to hang out with us made it cool.

Devon - I woke up one night when I was about 5 and came out to see what you and Gabe were doing in the family room. You and he asked if I wanted to watch some TV. "Beavis and Butt-head, or Saturday Night Live?" you asked. I wanted Saturday Night Live, so naturally you chose Beavis and Butt-head. I think I went back to bed.

Sarah - I thought it was pretty awesome when you and Devon got married and Devon got rid of all his pirated music. I had always heard stories of Devon getting out of things, of charming or smarting his way through life. And then suddenly his powers were useless. Haha. Way to go, Sarah.


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