Some more memories, as promised:

Deon - I remember you taking me and Catherine (or maybe it was just me?) to Edmonds one day. It was so fun, going in your Suburu station wagon and listening to Barenaked Ladies. We went and got my hair cut, without Mom's permission. I remember how light my head felt afterward, and also how mad Mom was that you got my hair cut without her permission. Haha.

Dillan - I watched you play basketball a couple times in Provo. I remember thinking, "Those chumps don't stand a chance against my brother-in-law." And I was right. Until you broke your ankle.

Kelsey - Getting stuck on Space Mountain at Disneyland was pretty rad, huh? Getting to see the inner workings when they turned on all the lights to fix the rollercoaster, wondering how we weren't decapitated around every turn, taking a picture on the ride. Then it wasn't so fun when we got to go a second time and nearly lost our over-priced lunches. Thanks, Walt.

Ben - When you came to visit us for the first time in Kingston, it must've been after church because I was wearing a skirt. But that didn't stop you from picking me up and spinning me around. I thought, "He's either gonna be a great brother-in-law, or this is gonna be really awkward." Lucky for me, it's both!




Hey, me again. Remember last week when I posted memories of Mom and Dad? Well, here are a few more:

Gabe - I used to think that caricature of Morrissey you had in your room in Logan was a picture of you. I also thought the ear plugs in your room in Logan were somehow a sign that you were deaf. I don't know why I was in your room so much.

Anna - Girls nights with me, you and Cath were always fun. I can't even remember what we did differently than most other nights, but the fact that they were called Girls Night and you wanted to hang out with us made it cool.

Devon - I woke up one night when I was about 5 and came out to see what you and Gabe were doing in the family room. You and he asked if I wanted to watch some TV. "Beavis and Butt-head, or Saturday Night Live?" you asked. I wanted Saturday Night Live, so naturally you chose Beavis and Butt-head. I think I went back to bed.

Sarah - I thought it was pretty awesome when you and Devon got married and Devon got rid of all his pirated music. I had always heard stories of Devon getting out of things, of charming or smarting his way through life. And then suddenly his powers were useless. Haha. Way to go, Sarah.



Oh, I forgot, here's my Mormon.org profile. [Click here]

Pretty spiffy, I know.


Today I'm entering the Missionary Training Center of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I'll be gone for 18 months, serving the people of Chile and teaching the Gospel. But don't worry, you'll still get to hear from me, and not just in my weekly letters. I've written some posts and scheduled them to go live while I'm thousands of miles away. It's like I've died and left you a treasure trove to pilage as you pretend to mourn my death.

So, let's begin.

I thought it'd be fun to write short memories of each person in my immediate family, but because I haven't utilized my time wisely and haven't written nearly as many posts to go live over 18 months as I should have, I'm splitting them up so they last longer. Warning, these aren't necessarily sentimental or funny or in any way amazing memories (although they could be all three and more), but they are things I thought were worth jotting down.

Here we go. Mom and Dad first:

Dad - You told me once that the sky is blue because the sun reflects off the ocean and hits the atmosphere, which is why we see blue during the day and black at night (because the sun goes down.) I propagated that lie for 24 years, and may have convinced more than a few of its accuracy. Niiiice. Thanks for taking time to give me an answer, even if it was the wrong one. :)

Mom - I remember you taking me to lunch at Taco Bell before Kindergarten and losing my front tooth while eating a bean burrito. I felt pretty special being able to hang out with just you. Catherine was there, I'm sure, but I don't remember her (ha!), just you and me, and the cinnamon twists that I won by dropping a coin into the water tank game on the front counter of the restaurant.



So, I leave in five days. Right? Thursday-Friday-Saturday-Sunday-Monday-Tuesday -- OK, so like five and a half.

So, that's pretty cool.