I've been a bit distracted. You know, moving. Christmas. New Years. Mission. But I realized the other day as I, in the middle of a 4-way conversation, burst out with, "Loves it like a thorn in the eye!" that my metaphors are better confined to the page, not to any audible scenarios. And then I realized, that wasn't a metaphor at all, but something entirely different that I can't remember the name for, which would make me sound either incredibly smart or incredibly pretentious if said in normal conversation. I am also too lazy to Google it right now in order to tell you. Yes. I'm currently that lazy.

And so, here I am, awaiting the lightning to strike so I can dump my metaphors, similes, conjectures, conjunctions, adverbs and pinafores onto an appropriate stage.

As it happens, I have nothing to write really. It's a new year, this is true, and I should be writing something about New Year's Resolutions, or reporting on last year's, or spewing some nonsense about the absence of resolutions and how hipster I am by doing so.

I have but one goal for 2013: Be the best missionary I can be, and don't slaughter the Spanish language.

That was actually two goals, if you'll notice. But neither of those are goals, actually, since they cannot be measured, nor really attained. But I'm gonna leave it, because if I don't have goals, I can't fail trying to achieve them. And failure is one of my least favorite things, along with oatmeal raisin cookies and clogged drains.

Did you click on the link to my last year's "resolutions"? Good on me, I accomplished them all except the Europe one. Bummer. In January I did, in fact, rock climb a 10c and would go on to climb an 11a as well. I can't remember what I got Catherine, except that it had something to do with a ticket to Disneyland. No, wait, that was the present. I remembered. We went to Disneyland in February, I ran a 10k in July, I believe (I was a few months off, so sue me) and actually ran the Red Rock Relay in September. I didn't go anywhere like Canada in April, but I did go to Texas in May and Oregon/Washington in November and Disneyland again in October. I didn't go to Europe in August but Cath and Mom came to Utah which was just as good (brownie points, whaaaaaaat!) and the rest of the year you can figure out by perusing my blog archives.

That whole paragraph was pretty unnecessary, in hindsight.

Oh hey, I went through the temple for myself last week. It was a special experience. The gospel is true, and the temple strengthens my testimony of it.

Dallas Texas Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Not sure what Dad was doing ...

Jessica, Catherine, me, Kelsey and Thomas

Wish all my family could've been there, but it was great to have these peeps there with me.

I was especially happy Jessica could be there. She's basically my sister. 

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