I have nothing against staying at home. Goodness, I love being home! I love being safe and comfortable and unbothered by people and responsibilities and dress codes. But there is something to be said for going out, I think. For doing things picture-worthy, whether you're taking a picture of it or not. There's something unarguably exciting about going places you've never been before, or going places you've been many times but seeing it all with new ears. Eyes. I meant to say eyes.

I hear of people's travels, see photographs of adventures, and think, "How lucky. How lucky they are to be having adventures." And then it struck me just today: I'll be having adventures soon. Sure, I'm having a grand ol' time now, but I mean real adventures that I even I can call adventures. You know, things that shout at me, "The grass is actually greener here! Dummy."

As much as there is to say about the good in staying home, Bilbo and Frodo only had adventures when they ventured out. Am I right? Of course I'm right. I feel like Sabrina (gosh, I love that movie) when she is walking from the apartment above the garage to the Larrabee's garden party. "I promised myself, years ago, all of those years, hundreds of times, thousands of times. And now, I'm invited."

Or, rather, I'm going. Now I'm going.


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  1. So, who do you identify with more; Frodo, Bilbo or Sabrina? I feel a nickname coming on.