Interesting thing, death. Not that I know anything about it. But I can imagine.

This thought came to me today, the one written just above. And as I wrote it, thinking it would be the beginning of some great essay, it became at once both inane and enlightening. I will allow you to judge its silliness, but let me tell you why I thought it worth a second look. You see, it is true. I know nothing, comparatively, about death. Nor do I know anything, comparatively, about love. About trust. About friendship and heartache and betrayal and sin and forgiveness and fear and happiness. In comparison, I know nothing. The depth of that original thought, the one written above, comes in the overwhelming fact that I know, and am, nothing. Nor will I ever been much of anything. In comparison. And comparison is how things are measured, are they not? Yet I heard it once said that "comparison is the thief of joy."(It has been attributed to both Theodore Roosevelt and author Dwight Edwards) So what is it? Either I am nothing, compared to others, stuck in misery, or I am without measure, oblivious to others and happy. Or is it neither? If I am actually something, instead of nothing, then my whole argument is false.

Without measure. I didn't realize the impact of that phrase, the other meaning to it, until I wrote it out. For isn't that a way God and his knowledge and blessings are described? "Without measure." He promises us that, if we obey, align our will with His. And isn't it also true that God is no respecter of persons. He does not compare us to each other. He loves each of us, sees us all of "great worth" (D&C 18:10) and infinite potential. It's as if He has blinders on when looking at us. We will be judged, yes, but not in comparison to what so-and-so did and what we did. But just what we did. Where our heart is at. There is no one else to compare us to, it's just us. And yes, we are nothing. The scriptures tell us that. And yet, they tell us of the infinite potential we have as well.

Interesting thing, God. Not that I know anything about Him. And yet, I do.

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