Wanna know what it feels like to be a white girl who's never left the country once in her 24 years (except to Canada, which hardly counts as another country) and is suddenly leaving everything she knows, everything she loves, everything that is familiar and comfortable, to go for a year and a half to a country and people and language completely strange, foreign and unknown? And not only that, but to share what is the single most precious and influential possession she has, which happens to be of eternal importance, and all in a tongue she doesn't yet know, nor will she adequately know even after she gets there? Here's a visual for you:

Some of you can relate, I'm guessing. I've never needed so much faith in God (and self-administered pep-talks) in my life.

Wanna know what my mom feels like? That illustration coming soon. ;o)


  1. I love this. So accurate. I mean, I would imagine.

  2. that's funny. i seem to go through the same range of emotions over being pregnant ;)

  3. I'm waiting on you to see how I must feel.