Two nights ago I opened my mission call. I turned in my papers about 4 weeks ago, so it took longer than I anticipated to get my call, but it was worth the wait. Here's the video of me opening it. I'm not a good crier, especially while trying to talk (thanks for that trait, Mom ;) but I think you can still understand me, right?


I asked if the people there could hold their applause (or whatever) so my family on the computer could hear. That's why you hear Andi go, "WOOOO!" and then cut it short. Haha, thanks chica!

I leave February 13. Wish me luck. It's gonna be awesome.

 The group. Rob Clegg (1st counselor in previous ward's bishopric); Alicia Wilcox, Laura Ludlow, Andi Morales and Ashley Warner (American Crafts); Kathy Palmer (awesome lady); Jessica Bues (best friend and roommate); Anjilee Harris and Nikki Lefevre (neighbors and friends); Gayleen Brown (former 1st counselor in my RS presidency, and friend!); Sarah Victors (best friend and former roommate); Noah Robins (PRIMO!!); John Bodine (previous ward's bishop); Anna, Gabe, Brianna and Tucker Gosney; and then there's me at the front holding my call and the computer who has Mom, Dad, Kelsey, Deon, Devon, Sarah and families. Ben and Dillan were on phones, Thomas was in flight, and Hayden, Mason and Gage were running amuck somewhere in my apartment. :) 

Andi, Ashley, me, Laura and Alicia. American Crafts girls!

Noah and me (Primo! Did you know he speaks Spanish too? Who knew!)

Kathy and me. She seriously is awesome. 

Gabe, me and Anna.

Sarah and me

Gayleen and me. She speaks Spanish too.

Cameron White (he came late. And doesn't speak Spanish. He speaks Korean.)

Jessica is the bestest friend a girl could ask for. 

Anjilee, me and Nikki. The best neighbors you could ask for. Oh, and good friends too. :) 


  1. I can't see the video! Where are you going?

  2. Yeah! I hear Chile is pretty rad. Congrats.

  3. I love that video. I cried when you were opening it, and I cried again just now when I watched it again. I love you and I am so excited for you!