I'm starting to feel like one of those newly engaged girls who can only talk about wedding stuff. Or like a Nothing-Is-More-Precious-Then-Being-Prego-And-I-Happen-To-Be-Pregnant-So-Everything-Has-To-Do-With-My-Pregnancy-Even-Though-It-Does-NOT! kind of woman. Except both those things involve men, and I'm super-duper single, and my obsessive, life-changing event is my mission. So, yes, you guessed it, I'm writing something else about my 18-month stint in Chile so that my posterity can know me that much better, and so that none of you forget: I'm going on a mission and it is the single most important thing in my life, therefore it MUST be that important to you and your dog and your bus driver and his overly protective mother.

What I'll Miss While On My Mission

My family, my friends, blah, blah, blah. I know. But the OTHER things I'll really miss while I'm gone are:

1) Release of "Catching Fire" (second movie in "The Hunger Games" series)
2) Using my super awesome cameras, because I can't take them with me.
3) Release of Iron Man 3.
4) Music other than MoTab.
5) This YouTube video.
6) And this YouTube video.
7) My iPhone.
8) Instagram. And Facebook. And Twitter. I mean, holy-moley, who's gonna update my feeds while I'm gone?!
9) Walking around Target aimlessly for hours buying things I don't really need.
10) Sleeping in church meetings.
11) Texting Stevie at 4 a.m. asking if she's awake.
12) Disneyland.
13) California Adventure.
14) Modern Family.
15) Psych.
16) 80s Dancing and my Dance Pants (although I just might bring those suckers with me.)

There are more. I may need your help coping with these depravations, so letters and packages are appreciated.


There are some actually important things I'll miss related to my family, actually, like:

1) The birth of Devon and Sarah's third child.
2) The inevitable marriage of my brother, or my sister, or both.
3) Christmas Eve Bingo
4) Roberts' Family Reunion (most especially the dance competition)

Until next time, don't forget I'm going on a mission. But if you do, I'll just keep reminding you. Because, hallo, it's super awesome and you should be super excited every time you see me, or hear my name, or think about me. I'm super serious.

Viva Mexico!



Wanna know what it feels like to be a white girl who's never left the country once in her 24 years (except to Canada, which hardly counts as another country) and is suddenly leaving everything she knows, everything she loves, everything that is familiar and comfortable, to go for a year and a half to a country and people and language completely strange, foreign and unknown? And not only that, but to share what is the single most precious and influential possession she has, which happens to be of eternal importance, and all in a tongue she doesn't yet know, nor will she adequately know even after she gets there? Here's a visual for you:

Some of you can relate, I'm guessing. I've never needed so much faith in God (and self-administered pep-talks) in my life.

Wanna know what my mom feels like? That illustration coming soon. ;o)


Two nights ago I opened my mission call. I turned in my papers about 4 weeks ago, so it took longer than I anticipated to get my call, but it was worth the wait. Here's the video of me opening it. I'm not a good crier, especially while trying to talk (thanks for that trait, Mom ;) but I think you can still understand me, right?


I asked if the people there could hold their applause (or whatever) so my family on the computer could hear. That's why you hear Andi go, "WOOOO!" and then cut it short. Haha, thanks chica!

I leave February 13. Wish me luck. It's gonna be awesome.

 The group. Rob Clegg (1st counselor in previous ward's bishopric); Alicia Wilcox, Laura Ludlow, Andi Morales and Ashley Warner (American Crafts); Kathy Palmer (awesome lady); Jessica Bues (best friend and roommate); Anjilee Harris and Nikki Lefevre (neighbors and friends); Gayleen Brown (former 1st counselor in my RS presidency, and friend!); Sarah Victors (best friend and former roommate); Noah Robins (PRIMO!!); John Bodine (previous ward's bishop); Anna, Gabe, Brianna and Tucker Gosney; and then there's me at the front holding my call and the computer who has Mom, Dad, Kelsey, Deon, Devon, Sarah and families. Ben and Dillan were on phones, Thomas was in flight, and Hayden, Mason and Gage were running amuck somewhere in my apartment. :) 

Andi, Ashley, me, Laura and Alicia. American Crafts girls!

Noah and me (Primo! Did you know he speaks Spanish too? Who knew!)

Kathy and me. She seriously is awesome. 

Gabe, me and Anna.

Sarah and me

Gayleen and me. She speaks Spanish too.

Cameron White (he came late. And doesn't speak Spanish. He speaks Korean.)

Jessica is the bestest friend a girl could ask for. 

Anjilee, me and Nikki. The best neighbors you could ask for. Oh, and good friends too. :)