Red Rock Relay - Sept. 7 & 8, 2012

This past weekend I ran 16.8 miles over the course of 32 hours, going on about 1 hour of sleep, along with 11 other people doing the same ridiculous thing, all for the sake of fun. (Ha. Fun.) Our team, Team Tortoise, ran a total of 187 miles, from Brian Head to Zion National Park. I was in the Sun Van, which, in comparison to the Snow Van, has harder and longer runs in the worst parts of the day. So fun. I was with some awesome people, no doubt. Probably the best group you could ask for, actually. And that, genuinely, was wicked, awesome fun. Thanks Jessica, Nikki, Kyle, Simon and Cameron for making Red Rock Relay Zion 2012 such a memorable experience. 


"We just showered."
"Yeah, but who doesn't like a good WIPE?!" -Simon

"Truck, YEAH!"
"I'm WIDE AWAKE!" -Kyle

"Is Jessica doing OK?"
"Well, she asked for an AK-47, so I'm not sure she's in the right mental state. Because you don't shoot yourself with an AK-47." -Elizabeth

"If it makes you feel any better, I just had to crap in the woods and I think some people saw me." -Jessica

"Nice job, Jessica." -Cameron, after Jess went potty in the woods.



Team Tortoise at the start line.

Nikki and Jessica are kinda violent. 

Da boyz. (Simon, Kyle and Cameron)

On our "van" with the clouds rolling in. 

Jessica, flying up her first leg of the race.

Kyle had 14 kills (he passed 14 people) on his first leg. 

Nikki was showing me how to do the Reject.

Simon was probably yelling, "I'm gonna kill her!"

Jessica ... is scary. 

My pre-race photo. Yes, I probably did have to go to the bathroom.

"Da-Har!" Simon handing off to me.

Cameron's pre-race photo. 

Me, almost done with my first leg. 

Nikki was really enjoying hitting Jessica's back, trying to break up the mucus and junk in her lungs. 

Jessica and me

Day 2, Cameron, Jess and Nikki

My shirt. (Yes, that's a dead hare.) 

[Pretend there are a bunch of pictures of our night runs. I ran 5.2 miles through the supposedly haunted Mountain Meadows area at 2 a.m. No ghost sightings though.]

Cameron getting some well deserved water.

I had just finished my third, and last, leg. Hallelujah!
Jess, Kyle and me.

The team, all done and ready to go home.
(This is at Zion National Park.) 

The Sun Van, biting our medals.

Free snow cones! Cameron and Nikki.

Simon and Jessica

me and Kyle.

Cameron and Kyle fixing the roof rack one last time on the way home. 

The End. 

And most likely, never, ever, again. :) 


  1. Thanks for the montage. I'm sincerely impressed.

  2. Wahoo! Way to go. I want to do something like this. Maybe next year...right?