I'm sitting at home on my lunch break. It's a great feeling, being home in the middle of the day. I think about all the other people eating their leftover meatloaf at their desk in their dingy office in the industrial district of some no-where town and laugh. Laugh! Because I'm not one of them. And then I die a little, because most days, I am.

I'm home today because I was just at the dentist. Blessed dentist. They used a mini-sand blaster to carve away part of my tooth in order to fill it with ... stuff. And then they sprayed and suctioned and pulled and prodded and — I had a cavity, OK?! Get off my back! My mouth still has sand in it. And sometimes it smells like burning sand. — No wait, that's my roommate, burning something.

My mouth hurts.

Aaaaaand, you're welcome ...