There's a song by The Weepies that goes, "They're in love. Where am I?" When I first heard it, I thought, "Yes! Exactly. That's precisely how I feel." But truth be told, my thoughts most days are more along the lines of, "I'm bored with my life. Who wants to join forces and make things more exciting?"

I think I have a skewed perception of dating and marriage.

Also, I found a piece of writing from a while ago where I started about finances and after a paragraph, ended it with, "Screw you, marriage." It must've been a rough day.

And here's a poem I found near that piece:

by e. gosney

Climb out of bed.
Climb into clothes.
Climb onto my chair.
For eight hours.

Climb around conversations.
And hide.

Climb through another mediocre meal. 
And then up a wall.
Literally, if you must know.
Metaphorically if you must not.

On life.
Live on. 

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