Some thoughts:

~ Sometimes I want a guy that looks like Clark Kent, gelled hair, thick glasses, big muscles and all. But I'd take (an older) Squints Palledorous any day, as long as he makes me laugh and holds me close. That's my Super Man.

~ Have you ever been asked, "If you had $X extra a month, what would you do with it?" Well, I finally have the opportunity to try that out. This new job is a blessing in so many ways — better hours, better environment, new experiences and challenges, opportunities to use more skills — but the weirdest one is the better pay. I'm used to living on a certain amount, and it's been just fine. Now I have more to live on, and I have to decide how to use it, or, more wisely, how to save it. What will I do with the extra $X a month? Save up for a trip to Europe. Pay off my loans. Buy an iPhone. Contribute to my 401k and open a Roth IRA account (Devon: Help?), buy Christmas presents for my family (I love buying presents for people), and save more in general. Because someday I'll get married. And someday I'll have kids. And someday I'll buy a house. And that someday will be so much better when I know we have money in the bank. Money doesn't buy happiness, but it brings a certain peace of mind. At least for me.

~ What's it like to have a guy as your best friend growing up? What's it like to go to senior prom? What's it like to graduate with your class and throw your cap in the air? What's it like to go home on Christmas break and see old friends as well as your family? What's it like to study abroad? I don't know. And usually it doesn't bug me. Usually I don't think about it at all. But sometimes I wish I knew, because it seems everyone else does, and I'm missing out. Or missed out. I'm just curious. Not regretful, just curious.

~ I'm really good at Guitar Hero on my iPod Touch. Just saying. I love playing Vampire Weekend songs.

(Cath, you'll like this one. Ha ha ha.)

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