It turns out, I got just about as much sleep at Deon's in New Mexico as I did last week and this, working 15-hour days. But New Mexico was WAY more fun. Seriously, I loved being there with Deon and her boys. Here's what we did:

Jumped off the fireplace, the couch, the mini-trampoline onto a mountain of pillows. 

Went to the Balloon Fiesta. So cool! (And so early. Ha ha.)

 "The line for the Storm Trooper is kinda long. ... HEY! No one's getting a picture with the freaky guy. Let's get a picture with him!"

Then we went to Conner's soccer game. They played hard, or at least Conner did. But sometimes hard work just doesn't pay off. Sorry kids. Ha ha, Conner's team lost. Badly. 

Max, searching Deon's hair for bugs.

Scotty got bored, obviously.

I took some family photos for Deon and Dillan, much to Dillan's displeasure. He survived though. ;o)


Conner and Scotty know Kid History, so this is Conner acting out the last part of the 6th episode when Richard (I can't remember his character's name in that episode) drinks the juice and spits it out, screaming. It was hilarious to hear Scotty and Conner, without any prompting, say, "I like yeyo gwapes. And puyple gwapes. And wed gwapes."

Don't you love Scotty's hat and vest? I do. 

Playing on Monday...

Deon and me had a movie marathon on Monday night (that's what happens when you don't know what you're doing when reserving Redbox movies online and end up with 3 instead of 1 or 2). Then Tuesday morning, before I flew back to Salt Lake, we went to breakfast/lunch (I believe they call it "brunch") at Flying Star. Suuuuuuuper good. Super. 

And there you have it. Other than this stellar trip, I have been, like I said, working really long days and squeezing in some sleep here and there. Oh, and food. Gotta have da foods. 

Wanna know how little time I have? Yesterday I bought more underwear because I was out and didn't have time to do laundry, nor would I, I knew, for a few more days. Yikes. Is this what they call "TMI"? ...  Nah.

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  1. oh I miss you soooooo much. How about you just move here okay? I miss my sisters.