You know those people who eat what's in front of them just because it's there? If you know me, then your answer would be yes. Like today, there was a box of Junior Mints on my desk, left over from a movie I went to (with Kathy and Anna — "The Help," which was very good, by the way). I didn't particularly want them, but I ate a couple because they were there. They were convenient. And it was a subconscious action, really. "What's this? Another is going in my mouth? Well, OK, why not." Twenty Junior Mints later — or maybe 30, who knows — I sit, sick and regretful.

So can this be applied to people and relationships? I submit that it can. I have seen people date another just because they are there. It's convenient. It's not really thought out, it's just a subconscious action of beginning a relationship out of, well, ease. Not that relationships are easy, but the act of getting into one can be. If one isn't careful. If one is not paying attention. And then, twenty or thirty Junior Mints later, you realize what you've got yourself into and there is regret. A little bit of panic. A lot of wishing you could rewind.

Me, well, I may eat Junior Mints like they're going out of style (in the literal sense), but I'm not one to get into convenient relationships. (Or any, for that matter, but let's not talk about that.) I'd rather not have the regret. I like to think things out. Think things to death, really. Think about things so much that I'm not sure what to do with all the thoughts.

Not this time, though. I know what to do with the thoughts. And I'm stopping the Junior Mint eating now, before it has even begun, come to think of it. The thing is, though, thoughts are easy to come by. It's the actions that follow that can be so excruciatingly hard. (Is that a word, excruciatingly?)

So there you have it. I don't want to just go for it, because I know better. I know the Junior Mints won't be worth it in the end. I know I can't act out of convenience or ease. I'm not going to eat the Junior Mints just because they're there. You know why? Because I know what I want. And it's not the Junior Mints. And I don't think there's anything wrong with that.

So now the question is, how do I tell the Junior Mints I don't see a future with them?


  1. I think you should print this out and write: "To: Junior Mints" at the top. Then hand it to him. He'll get it.

  2. excruciatingly is totally a word. I use it all the time ;)

  3. Yes, Mom, yes I am.
    Kelsey, I laughed heartily at what you wrote. Like, "Ba ha ha ha ha ha!" That kind of laugh.
    Thanks Ashley. :o)