Don't ask to be taught patience. It doesn't end well.

Well, not for me anyway.

At least three times in the last three days I've be encountered with a trying situation and in response, reacted poorly. But it's only after the fact, after I've shot my mouth off or been rude or something, that I realize, "Oooooh, that was a test of my patience, wasn't it?"

Heavenly Father is a tricky one, he is.

And currently my grade is an F.


  1. I know what you mean. I've gotten many an F in my life. But, life is a process. Thank goodness we'll have plenty of "tests of patience".

  2. Yeah, I've given up on asking for new virtues because it usually ends poorly...like wanting to be more charitable, just shows how uncharitable I am. I just stay home and avoid people. I figure that's just as much of a help to people as actually be charitable.