Things to Do Before I Die

  1. Go sky divingcompleted July 29, 2011 with Kelsey Mortensen, Jessica Beus, Elizabeth Guthrie and Stefany Hedman in Tooele, Utah.
  2. See Big Ben
  3. See the Eiffel Tower
  4. See the pyramids
  5. Go to the Sacred Grove
  6. Publish a book
  7. Meet the prophet
  8. Meet someone "worldly" famous completed Aug. 18, 2011. Met authors Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson, in Provo, Utah. 
  9. Try on jewelry at Tiffany's 
  10. Go to the top of the Space Needle
  11. Swim in the Dead Sea
  12. See the Great Barrier Reef
  13. Go on a mission
  14. Visit all U.S. temples
  15. Hike the Ycompleted May 5, 2007 with BJ Zeyer, fall 2008 with Cara Jones and Neil Anderson, fall 2009 with Mac Alsbury and fall 2010 going solo.
  16. Go in Central Park
  17. Go to the Olympics
  18. Play with a monkey
  19. Ride a train completed for the first time November 2008 from Provo, Utah to Grand Junction, Colo.
  20. Go snowboarding
  21. Ride a tandem bike
  22. Work in a big city, like Seattle, Boston, NYC, Chicago.
  23. Get above 91% at the Testing Center — completed Feb. 13, 2007. Physical Science 100 test.
  24. See the Northern Lights
  25. Go REAL rock climbing completed Aug. 17, 2011. Rock Canyon, Provo, Utah with Kyle Hollenback.
  26. Eat at Beto'scompleted August 2009 with Gabe.
  27. Eat at J-Dawgs — completed April 19, 2007 with BJ Zeyer.
  28. Sleep under the stars, with no tent.
  29. Slow dance in the rain
  30. Eat a pomegranate completed in 2010.
  31. Drink pure pomegranate juice — completed February and April 2007 with Kelsey and Deon.
  32. Go to Four Corners
  33. Learn to dive
  34. Run a 5K completed March 12, 2011 at the Rex Lee Run in Provo, Utah
  35. Go SCUBA diving
  36. Go to the Festival of Colors (Hindu celebration) —completed March 2009 with Jason Lunt, Nathan Grout, Gregg Hernandez
  37. Learn to break dance
  38. Fence
  39. Swim in the Atlantic Ocean
  40. Eat cheese in Wisconsin
  41. Donate blood — completed July 2007 at BYU with Matt Nielsen
  42. Do 5 curl-ups
  43. Sing "Meet Me in St. Louis" in St. Louis, Mo.
  44. See a Broadway play — completed May 2008 with Deon. Saw "Wicked."
  45. Learn a language fluently
  46. Learn to use a Mac computer — completed Nov. 2007 with a MacBook which cost me $1050
  47. Fly a plane
  48. Graduate from collegecompleted August 2010, BYU, Bachelor of Arts in communications: print journalism. Cum Lade.
  49. Go on a road trip with my best friends — completed May 2011 with Stevie Minder and Catherine Gosney, Provo, Utah to California.
  50. Run through a waterfall
  51. Anonymously give someone in need at least $100
  52. Donate my hair to Locks of Love
  53. Own, or at least vacation at, a beach house
  54. Go to Sundance Film Festival
  55. Find a wild onion in its natural habitat and eat it.
  56. Get married
  57. Have children
I guess they're really not numbered in the order of importance, but there it is. Some things, like beating Dr. Mario on high speed, level 20, happened before I thought to add them to the list. But now that I've done it, I feel weird adding it ... Ah, what the heck.

   58.  Beat Dr. Mario, level 20, on high speed — completed summer 2009 in Denton, Texas.


  1. I love that you put, "eat cheese in Wisconsin" because we just talked about that yesterday. Funny,

  2. Beating Dr. Mario is a big deal. Add that to the list for sure.

  3. So I've done a number of those, including number 18, in Mexico, but I can't see myself doing numbers 1, 9, or 52. You are braver than I.

  4. I can't believe you never ate a pomegranate at Grandma's house! I have a bunch of the same things on my list as you do...we should just take a time out of life for like 3 weeks and do at least 15 of them!