So, you know that dream post and the other post saying I couldn't explain the dream post? (You should know, cuz, uh, they're right below this one). Here's the explanation:

Relief Society president

Any advice would be appreciated. 

I've never felt so excited, overwhelmed, intimidated, responsible and confident in my whole life. How can I be so many things at the same time? Ha ha, oh yeah, I'm a girl. 

I know I won't be alone in this calling. Already I have felt the support of my family, friends and the bishopric. Most importantly, I've felt a calming assurance amid the chaos of my mind that everything'll be great. Not just OK, but great. And it comes not from myself or any earthly source, but from my Heavenly Father. Already He is making it clear that whom He calls, He qualifies. 

I'm not alone in this. What an amazing thing. 

And may I point out, you are not alone. In any struggle, trial, heartache or chaos you're going through, you're not alone. If only more people knew this and understood it. Life would be that much less hard. 

So, here's goes ... something. 


  1. How fun! You'll do such a great job. Just make sure you delegate.

  2. You are going to do so great. I know it.

  3. You are going to be great. Good choice God.

  4. Oh man! Scary! Just teasing, kind of. You will do a wonderful job. If you need any pointers.... Don't call me because I was never the relief society president, but I am here if you need me. Love ya.

  5. what a jumble of emotions! I know I felt similarly when I was called to be RS president.

    advice? Take lots of deep breaths. Stay close to the Spirit. Don't panic even when everything is a mess. Use your counselors and your secretary. Never think that you have to rely only on yourself, you are surrounded by others called to help you.

    One thing the Bishop told me when I was called was that the Lord would multiply my time, and He did. Even if you have the busiest schedule known to man, the Lord will multiply your time so you can accomplish all you need to.

    I know you've already heard it, but I think you will be a rockin' Relief Society President. Best of luck!