So, I realized it probably wouldn't be appropriate to post the explanation for my dream-post tonight. It'll have to wait until Sunday, when it's all official. (So, take this as a hint: I'm not speaking of relationships, but rather a church calling. Sorry, Kels.) But it's a good one. I'm sure I'll be asking for advice as well.

In other news, I decided to be a big kid and buy a housing contract sans roommate — as in, room-roommate. As in, I have my own room. I quite like it, especially because I went a step further and decided to ditch the poster and vinyl (records) decorations and go for a big-kid decor choice. Yes, that even includes curtains. Wowzah. Here's what I came up with:

Bookshelf, framed photographs, home-made curtains (without the help of a sewing machine. Let me tell you, a sewing machine would've been much better), pillow shams (psh, I totally sleep on them. Take that, Martha Stewart!), and a "down alternative" comforter with a white duvet cover because, let's face it, this will be the only time I can justify having something white in my house until my kids are grown and I'm 65. Oh and see that quilt? Catherine made it and it was actually the inspiration for my color choices for the rest of the room. What can I say, she's pretty awesome.

See the second book shelf from the bottom? I left most of my books in Texas, so to fill the space I put these babies on it. Let's just hope no one breaks into my apartment because I will have made their job easier.

And this doesn't include my Pentax Superprogram 35mm (I put it on the top shelf, in case you were wondering), or the Samsung TL500 I'm using to take this photo. I know what you're thinking: obsessed. And, yeah, I guess you're right.

Last night we went 80's dancing in Salt Lake. Other than the nasty smoke and all the crazies bumping and grinding, it was awesome! Plus, no slow songs, which meant we danced our hardest without the constant fear that the next song would require touching someone's hand, waste, shoulder, etc. For reals, if girls were like boys at stake dances and didn't care about sweating: one, we'd all have a much better time, and two, boys probably wouldn't be so self-conscious about perspiring. Am I right?

Here we are after leaving at 2 a.m. — the last song of the night was "Mr. Roboto," which was perfect.

Dustin, Justin, Rachel, Kelsey, Beatrice, Simon, Jessica, Josh, me. (And let me point out my dance pants. That makes the FOURTH time I've been able to legitimately wear them in the past 3 months, plus I let someone borrow them once. Ha! See, it was a good investment Cath. And you doubted me.)

Kelsey, Jessica and me, with Simon and Josh being dorks in the background.

Dustin, Justin and Josh.

Ah, and one more thing I forgot to post earlier — IHOP at 1 a.m. last week. It was a blast, although I have to be careful at 24/365 breakfast places: That sausage will be the death of me.

"Yente," "The Killer," and "The Seducer" 
(I have another nickname, but it always gets odd, slightly angry, looks when said. So we're gonna stick with the slightly less odd one here.)

Ba ha ha ha ha. Jessica cracks me up. She really is an attractive girl. 

So there you have it. My life for the past week. Pretty awesome, I know. 

P.S. I'm not in favor of all my family moving away from Provo. First Devon, then Deon, next Kelsey, and now Thomas, AND Heather? What the heck. Luckily I have some good friends now, or else I'd be pretty miserable. (Not that I'm NOT miserable without all of you. Cuz I am. Positively wretched.)

"Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves." 
—J.M. Barrie

Thanks for the sunshine, muchachos.


  1. It's always good to have dancing friends. Then, if you don't feel like talking, you can, well, dance.
    I'm anxious to hear about your calling. Is it what I think it is?

  2. I forgot. I love your new room. Great taste runs in families, doncha know.

  3. Sthweet pants. Good luck with the new calling. You are going to do great.

  4. I'm excited to hear what your new calling is and I hope I'm one of the friends you have left in Provo...speaking of which we need to visit the Farmer's Market I miss seeing you.