So, you know that dream post and the other post saying I couldn't explain the dream post? (You should know, cuz, uh, they're right below this one). Here's the explanation:

Relief Society president

Any advice would be appreciated. 

I've never felt so excited, overwhelmed, intimidated, responsible and confident in my whole life. How can I be so many things at the same time? Ha ha, oh yeah, I'm a girl. 

I know I won't be alone in this calling. Already I have felt the support of my family, friends and the bishopric. Most importantly, I've felt a calming assurance amid the chaos of my mind that everything'll be great. Not just OK, but great. And it comes not from myself or any earthly source, but from my Heavenly Father. Already He is making it clear that whom He calls, He qualifies. 

I'm not alone in this. What an amazing thing. 

And may I point out, you are not alone. In any struggle, trial, heartache or chaos you're going through, you're not alone. If only more people knew this and understood it. Life would be that much less hard. 

So, here's goes ... something. 


So, I realized it probably wouldn't be appropriate to post the explanation for my dream-post tonight. It'll have to wait until Sunday, when it's all official. (So, take this as a hint: I'm not speaking of relationships, but rather a church calling. Sorry, Kels.) But it's a good one. I'm sure I'll be asking for advice as well.

In other news, I decided to be a big kid and buy a housing contract sans roommate — as in, room-roommate. As in, I have my own room. I quite like it, especially because I went a step further and decided to ditch the poster and vinyl (records) decorations and go for a big-kid decor choice. Yes, that even includes curtains. Wowzah. Here's what I came up with:

Bookshelf, framed photographs, home-made curtains (without the help of a sewing machine. Let me tell you, a sewing machine would've been much better), pillow shams (psh, I totally sleep on them. Take that, Martha Stewart!), and a "down alternative" comforter with a white duvet cover because, let's face it, this will be the only time I can justify having something white in my house until my kids are grown and I'm 65. Oh and see that quilt? Catherine made it and it was actually the inspiration for my color choices for the rest of the room. What can I say, she's pretty awesome.

See the second book shelf from the bottom? I left most of my books in Texas, so to fill the space I put these babies on it. Let's just hope no one breaks into my apartment because I will have made their job easier.

And this doesn't include my Pentax Superprogram 35mm (I put it on the top shelf, in case you were wondering), or the Samsung TL500 I'm using to take this photo. I know what you're thinking: obsessed. And, yeah, I guess you're right.

Last night we went 80's dancing in Salt Lake. Other than the nasty smoke and all the crazies bumping and grinding, it was awesome! Plus, no slow songs, which meant we danced our hardest without the constant fear that the next song would require touching someone's hand, waste, shoulder, etc. For reals, if girls were like boys at stake dances and didn't care about sweating: one, we'd all have a much better time, and two, boys probably wouldn't be so self-conscious about perspiring. Am I right?

Here we are after leaving at 2 a.m. — the last song of the night was "Mr. Roboto," which was perfect.

Dustin, Justin, Rachel, Kelsey, Beatrice, Simon, Jessica, Josh, me. (And let me point out my dance pants. That makes the FOURTH time I've been able to legitimately wear them in the past 3 months, plus I let someone borrow them once. Ha! See, it was a good investment Cath. And you doubted me.)

Kelsey, Jessica and me, with Simon and Josh being dorks in the background.

Dustin, Justin and Josh.

Ah, and one more thing I forgot to post earlier — IHOP at 1 a.m. last week. It was a blast, although I have to be careful at 24/365 breakfast places: That sausage will be the death of me.

"Yente," "The Killer," and "The Seducer" 
(I have another nickname, but it always gets odd, slightly angry, looks when said. So we're gonna stick with the slightly less odd one here.)

Ba ha ha ha ha. Jessica cracks me up. She really is an attractive girl. 

So there you have it. My life for the past week. Pretty awesome, I know. 

P.S. I'm not in favor of all my family moving away from Provo. First Devon, then Deon, next Kelsey, and now Thomas, AND Heather? What the heck. Luckily I have some good friends now, or else I'd be pretty miserable. (Not that I'm NOT miserable without all of you. Cuz I am. Positively wretched.)

"Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves." 
—J.M. Barrie

Thanks for the sunshine, muchachos.


I had a dream last night that I was standing on the edge of a cliff, ready to jump into the deep blue water below. Not too strange, I suppose, but suddenly the cliff became a mountain, and I was in a plane flying above the mountain and I was supposed to jump into not crystal blue water, but the ocean, which was gray and choppy. The best way to describe my reaction was simply that I freaked out, jumping back from the edge of the plane and grabbing onto a hand rail (do they have hand rails in planes?) Another person jumped out in front of me, not even acknowledging my presence, which I was thankful for.

Then suddenly, because it seems everything in dreams is sudden, I was on the ground, watching the person plunge into the water, curving their body gracefully into a perfect dive. But it was no longer the ocean, and there was no mountain or cliff. It was just a diving board at a public pool, maybe 15 feet up, and the water was a clear light blue. I was shocked — both by the sudden change in scenery as well as the very apparent lack of chlorine smell — and at the same time, I understood. It all made sense to my dream-self. Of course it was just a pool. I didn't have anything to be afraid of. Even if I didn't know exactly how to dive, it wasn't that high up and I had people in front to follow and people behind to encourage me. It was so obvious, so natural, so un-frightening. My chest relaxed, I let out all the air I'd been holding in, my jaw loosened and I was at peace.

I didn't realize how metaphoric this dream would become to me — how applicable to my non-dream self — less than 12 hours later.

I'll let you know more come Thursday night.

© 2011 e.gosney

Crater Lake, Oregon


Yesterday me and Kyle and Jessica went to the Provo library to see Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson. They're authors. Good ones. Diverse ones — as in, their writing, not they themselves, seeing as they're both white, middle-aged, American men. Barry was a nationally syndicated humor columnist. Pearson a murder-mystery novelist. Together they wrote the "Peter and the Starcatchers" series, a collection of five books that explore Peter Pan, Wendy, Capt. Hook and Never Land.

That's why they came to Provo, to speak about the fifth book in the series. I confess, I've only read the first one, but I've admired Dave Barry from a young age — I even give him partial credit for my becoming a journalist — and didn't want to miss the chance to see him in person.

So, there's the introduction to the point of this post: #8 on my List of Things to Do Before I Die is complete. I met Dave Barry. And he is, in my book, "worldly" famous.

Can I tell you the story of what happened when I met him? OK, thanks.

After they spoke, Pearson and Barry went downstairs and 20 people at a time followed to have their books signed. I was in the fourth group, so I waited a few minutes, during which time I said goodbye to Jessica and Kyle since they had no books to have signed, nor a strong desire to shake the authors' hands.

So there I was, all by my lonesome, three novels under my arm and a camera in my hand. I got in line, where I contemplated what I would have them write in the books.

"To Elizabeth." Nuh-uh, too boring.

"To Elizabeth, our #1 fan." Nope. Both false and arrogant.

"Keep it real." Uh, no.

By this time I was half way through the line and I could hear other fans saying things to the authors like, "I just loved your books," and "My son used to hate reading but now he reads all the time because of you," and more incredibly touching, sincere garbage. I tried to take some pictures through the line, but people were not willing to get out of my way. Rude.

Finally it was my turn. I handed my books to Dave Barry. Yes, the Dave Barry and smiled.

"Hi. Nice to meet you," he said.

"Hi," I said in return, shaking his hand. (He has a weak handshake, by the way. But, then again, he's left handed, so his right hand doesn't get as much exercise, right?)

Closing the covers of the books, he passed them on to Pearson and said, "Thanks for coming."

I smiled, no doubt awkwardly, and mumbled something like, "Oh. Yeah. Uh, no problem."


Ridley Pearson shook my hand next and said about the same thing as his co-author.

"Hi," I said, staring at his curly gray hair and top-rimmed glasses like he was, well, a famous person that I had nothing to say to.

He smiled hesitantly back, as if he was saying, "Wow, I've seen some weird fans before, but seriously, hun, you're creeping me out."

I'm not sure if it was your stereotypical star-struck moment, or actually my concerted effort not to be star-struck, that resulted in my horrifically stupid encounter with two famous authors. I so wanted to tell Dave Barry that he was a childhood hero of mine. But it sounded pretty ridiculous in my head.

"Stho, uh, Dave, I am, like, a sthuper big fan of yoursth. Sthuper."

So I opted for the freaky stare.

Oh, and to top it all off, Ridley Pearson says to me, as he hands me my books, "Would you like to take a picture?" Undoubtedly thinking to himself, "Please say no, you weirdo. You're really creeping me out."

I'd forgotten about the camera in my hand, but was glad he reminded me. I mechanically handed it to the girl next to me in line, hoping she was capable of such a big responsibility and forgetting I didn't know her, and stepped behind the desk to pose between Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson. Two famous authors.

So, in the end, I did it. I met two famous people and even got a picture to prove it. So all the shameful tongue-tied idiocy was worth it.

Ridley Pearson, me, Dave Barry

P.S. Ridley Pearson has also written a series of books called "The Kingdom Keepers" about five teenagers that have adventures in Walt Disney World after it's closed at night. It's for young readers, but I bought the first one anyway, and it's pretty fun. Especially if you love the Disneyland parks.

P.P.S. I didn't have them write anything in the books in the end. I just had them sign them. I figure I can now sell them or give them away as gifts if I wanted. :o)


I went REAL rock climbing today. #25 on my list of Things to Do Before I Die is complete, thank you very much. I also discovered I have the same shoe size as Kyle and bigger thighs. Or as I like to call them, "Childbearing hips." Kinda makes it sound better, right? I thought so.

P.S. I'm bad at rock climbing, regardless of the venue.

We went in Rock Canyon. One of the last times I was there was with Krystin Anderson. We bouldered, which, looking back, was really stupid and I'm surprised I didn't die.

Like I said, stuuuupid. But it was fun, and it made fore some good pictures. And since I didn't bring my camera today — you know, when we had ropes and harnesses and common sense — these will have to do.


I'm learning.

To give it a try.

How can I know if it will work or not if I don't give it a try?

I think that's acceptable.


I just got back from a family reunion in Oregon. It was quite fun. Obviously. 


I was trying to come up with an analogy for love the other day, because you know, that's what all the cool kids are doing.

For me it's like ice blocking.

Have you ever gone ice blocking? You buy a huge blog of ice from the grocery store for a dollar, take it to a hill, put a towel between your backside and the frozen water, put your feet up and slide down the hill.

Sounds fun, right?

The only problem is, sometimes the hill is really steep, or you forget how fast gravity works, and instead of being a fun trip, you start to panic. "This is crazy. This is scary. This is way too fast!" And instead of enjoying the ride, you put your heals down to slow it down. Sometimes that works, but usually I just bail out.

Why do I bail? Well, that's easy, really: I'm scared of where I'm headed. I feel out of control — And I'm not one to freely give up control. And just like sliding down a hill on an ice block, I lose my balance. My life becomes out of balance. So I bail, rolling a little bit, but eventually stopping, gaining balance again, going back to how I was. My comfort zone. And it's not exactly what I want, but it's what I know, it's where I have control, and it's at my own pace. And even though it's not graceful, it doesn't hurt nearly so bad as crashing at the bottom.

So love for me — or more appropriately put, romantic relationships — is like ice blocking. Full of anticipation and fun, at first exhilarating and then terrifying. The hill is so steep, gravity is so strong, and I'm just not sure if I'm going to glide into a beautiful landing, or crash and end up in a bloody mess at the bottom. I like control, I like planning, and ice blocking is all about going with it and trusting you can keep your balance and following through to the end, if you dare.

So, there it is, my analogy on love.

Except, where's the other person in all this? Or is the other person gravity? He's not the ice block. Well, maybe.

OK, so my analogy needs some work. But I stand by it. Love is like ice blocking.

And I'm bad at ice blocking.

Stevie's got some style with her bail. :o) June 2006 in Washington.

Things to Do Before I Die

  1. Go sky divingcompleted July 29, 2011 with Kelsey Mortensen, Jessica Beus, Elizabeth Guthrie and Stefany Hedman in Tooele, Utah.
  2. See Big Ben
  3. See the Eiffel Tower
  4. See the pyramids
  5. Go to the Sacred Grove
  6. Publish a book
  7. Meet the prophet
  8. Meet someone "worldly" famous completed Aug. 18, 2011. Met authors Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson, in Provo, Utah. 
  9. Try on jewelry at Tiffany's 
  10. Go to the top of the Space Needle
  11. Swim in the Dead Sea
  12. See the Great Barrier Reef
  13. Go on a mission
  14. Visit all U.S. temples
  15. Hike the Ycompleted May 5, 2007 with BJ Zeyer, fall 2008 with Cara Jones and Neil Anderson, fall 2009 with Mac Alsbury and fall 2010 going solo.
  16. Go in Central Park
  17. Go to the Olympics
  18. Play with a monkey
  19. Ride a train completed for the first time November 2008 from Provo, Utah to Grand Junction, Colo.
  20. Go snowboarding
  21. Ride a tandem bike
  22. Work in a big city, like Seattle, Boston, NYC, Chicago.
  23. Get above 91% at the Testing Center — completed Feb. 13, 2007. Physical Science 100 test.
  24. See the Northern Lights
  25. Go REAL rock climbing completed Aug. 17, 2011. Rock Canyon, Provo, Utah with Kyle Hollenback.
  26. Eat at Beto'scompleted August 2009 with Gabe.
  27. Eat at J-Dawgs — completed April 19, 2007 with BJ Zeyer.
  28. Sleep under the stars, with no tent.
  29. Slow dance in the rain
  30. Eat a pomegranate completed in 2010.
  31. Drink pure pomegranate juice — completed February and April 2007 with Kelsey and Deon.
  32. Go to Four Corners
  33. Learn to dive
  34. Run a 5K completed March 12, 2011 at the Rex Lee Run in Provo, Utah
  35. Go SCUBA diving
  36. Go to the Festival of Colors (Hindu celebration) —completed March 2009 with Jason Lunt, Nathan Grout, Gregg Hernandez
  37. Learn to break dance
  38. Fence
  39. Swim in the Atlantic Ocean
  40. Eat cheese in Wisconsin
  41. Donate blood — completed July 2007 at BYU with Matt Nielsen
  42. Do 5 curl-ups
  43. Sing "Meet Me in St. Louis" in St. Louis, Mo.
  44. See a Broadway play — completed May 2008 with Deon. Saw "Wicked."
  45. Learn a language fluently
  46. Learn to use a Mac computer — completed Nov. 2007 with a MacBook which cost me $1050
  47. Fly a plane
  48. Graduate from collegecompleted August 2010, BYU, Bachelor of Arts in communications: print journalism. Cum Lade.
  49. Go on a road trip with my best friends — completed May 2011 with Stevie Minder and Catherine Gosney, Provo, Utah to California.
  50. Run through a waterfall
  51. Anonymously give someone in need at least $100
  52. Donate my hair to Locks of Love
  53. Own, or at least vacation at, a beach house
  54. Go to Sundance Film Festival
  55. Find a wild onion in its natural habitat and eat it.
  56. Get married
  57. Have children
I guess they're really not numbered in the order of importance, but there it is. Some things, like beating Dr. Mario on high speed, level 20, happened before I thought to add them to the list. But now that I've done it, I feel weird adding it ... Ah, what the heck.

   58.  Beat Dr. Mario, level 20, on high speed — completed summer 2009 in Denton, Texas.