I had a thought the other day, and if I may say so, it was quite a good one.

I was reading a magazine when the thought occurred to me, "Man, I'm bored with my life. What the heck am I doing with this life? What's my purpose? What am I living for?"

And then I realized, I'm living entirely for myself. I do everything for myself, thinking very little about others or even God, relative to the time I spend thinking about myself. What a sad life. No wonder I'm bored with it.

So I came up with a plan. There's 24 hours in a day. Eight of those are spent sleeping (or, in Catherine's case, 12. Just joking, just joking ... kinda). That leaves 16 waking hours. What do I do with those 16 hours? I shower, dress, eat, read, drive, clean, work, write, occasionally exercise, and on and on.

But 16 hours is quite a bit of time. What if I took roughly 10 percent, just an hour and a half, of each day and spent it thinking about and doing things for others?

An hour and a half writing letters, doing the dishes for my roommates, volunteering for Meals-on-Wheels, reading the scriptures, giving someone a ride. It's so little, yet, for some reason, incredibly daunting.

After living 24 hours a day for myself for 23 years, it's hard to suddenly devote 10 percent of my time to others.

But I'm gonna do it, because I'm bored with life and, more importantly, as President Thomas S. Monson said, "Unless we lose ourselves in service to others, there is little purpose to our own lives." (Nov. 2009 Ensign).

And isn't that what I want? More purpose? Or, really, a better purpose.

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  1. I agree! You are a very thoughtful person and you do more than you think for others. Conner and I are volunteering for special Olympics. I want my kids to grow up with a desire to serve others. Thanks for writing this it got me thinking about some other things I can do. Love ya!