The Vacation: Part IV


Catherine opted to stay at Grandma's, so me and Stevie went to the beach. Which one? Sunset, I think. We wanted to try out Huntington, but, you know, it was getting late. It was hecka windy, too, so we watched the windsurfers and ate cherries and bought a T-shirt and headed back through the wonderful L.A. traffic. 

Me and Cath got silhouettes done at Disneyland, so when we got back to Grandma's we had to put them next to Grandma's that she had done when she was young. 
Left to right: Elizabeth, Grandma Deon, Catherine.

We left Friday morning. I wish we could've stayed longer. 

Yep, it was a good trip.


  1. I've been trying to comment on your blog for the last couple of weeks, but Blogger is being stupid to me...let's try this one more time.

  2. Wahoo!!! It magically worked. UNfortunately you will never get to hear all the witty comments about your back posts. FORTUNATELY, I have a lot more where they came from.