The Vacation: Part III


We actually got to Disneyland BEFORE it opened, although, not on purpose. I failed to look at the opening time, so we arrived about 30 minutes before it opened.

While everyone else got in line to meet the princesses, we opted for the crazies. The Mad Hatter was pretty funny. 

Cath liked this topiary. (And yes, I totally spelled that right the first time, by myself. Whaaaaaat.) 

We went on Space Mountain first. That was a mistake. So we decided to watch Captain EO in 3-D to ease our stomachs. Oh man, Michael Jackson. As Catherine said, "Who the heck would marry him?"

We got beignets and mint juleps in New Orleans Square. Mmmmm, so good. 

OK, so these signs are everywhere and they crack me up. I don't like to read while on vacation, so I interpreted it as "For your safety, NO DANCING!" True, right?

Stevie got some wicked bad blisters on the first day, so she went to the car to sleep them off (doesn't work, by the way) and me and Cath went on all the kiddy rides to finish out the night. Ah, the Tea Cups. Love 'em.

Day 2 at Disneyland/Calif. Adventure was better than the first, in my opinion. Partly because of this picture. Stevie on Hollywood Tower of Terror.

We also went, on the second day, to the Pinnochio restaurant. Bet you didn't know he had one, huh? It serves German/Austrian food ... I guess. I got a chicken sausage in a pretzel roll. Stevie and Cath got cheese burgers. If they had gotten hamburgers it would've been a little more legitimate. Cuz, you know, Hamburg, Germany? A-Ha. A-Ha.

"It's a Small World After All." Surprisingly I didn't have it stuck in my head for that long afterward.

Things got a little crazy toward the end of the second day. Enjoy the madness. 

Overall, a very fun experience. I will forever remember the agony of pushing a wheelchair up Paradise Pier at California Adventure with the BRAKE ON! And, thanks Catherine for going on California Screamin' not once, but THREE times with us. Or was it four? And Stevie, you're pretty cool in general.

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  1. I'm so glad that you included a few normal pictures in with all the crazies. I like seeing your pretty faces.