The Vacation: Part I


Stevie flew in on Friday, May 27. We hung out in Salt Lake City for a while, exploring Temple Square and getting Chipotle for lunch before picking up Catherine at the airport and heading back to Provo.

Saturday we made our way over to BYU and they got all excited about the Jimmer cutout. Notice they have to keep even the cutout out of reach, locked away. For good reason.

Then we went to a crepe place. Overpriced, but very good. (Unless you got the buffalo chicken one. No good.) Later we went to get cupcakes. Cupcakes are a girls best friend, you know, because you can't eat diamonds.

Sunday morning we headed out on the open road, making our way to the coast. ("We're winging our way to the coast." "Mmmm, California.") Catherine sang loudly and I drank Diet Coke and Stevie put up with us pretty well. 

We stopped in St. George for In-N-Out and walked around the temple grounds, too. Did I feel out of place and sacrilegious? Why yes, yes I did.

And that concludes Part I of our four-part series. Tune in tomorrow — er, later — for Part II.

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