Catherine visited good ol' Utah after our California adventure. (Ugh, that was bad. As in, the use of "California adventure," not the actual trip.)

At Temple Square.

At Bridal Veil Falls.

At Sammy's with Bobby. Ha. 

At Sammy's with Jessica.

And then Catherine left (thanks for booking a 5:50 a.m. flight buddy. I appreciate it.) and we had a bonfire. Not because she left, just coincidentally.

OK, so this is what we did at the bonfire because, well, we didn't have any beer. (Nor do we ever, cuz, you know, we don't need it.) We shake our heads back and forth really fast, relaxing our faces. It was quite the experience. 

P.S. There were more people at the bonfire than just me and Jessica, but their pictures weren't as awesome as me and Jessica's, you don't know them, or I didn't get pictures of them in the first place. There ya go. 

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  1. Man Elizabeth you are a looker. Is that how you and Noah plan to get cross country--based on your looks?