An Experiment in Vegetarianism. 

I've been thinking for some time, "I could totally be vegetarian. If I wanted to." And before yesterday, I didn't want to, so I haven't been.

But something clicked in my head after a week and a half of eating almost exclusively fruits and vegetables (thanks food co-op): I feel awesome!

(OK, so it clicked in my body, rather than my head, but the thought had to click in my head, so that's where the clicking is going to get the credit.)

So I got up this morning, pulled out the blender, and dumped a whole bunch of stuff in, hoping something edible would come of it. Spinach, half a tomato, cucumber, an orange, blueberries, cantaloupe, pineapple and a little milk.

So it kind of resembles the scum in a stagnant pond, but it tasted pretty good (a little too spinachy, perhaps).

Then, this afternoon, I went to Good Earth. After shyly making my way through a couple aisles, avoiding eye contact with all the granolas in their Birkenstocks and organic pants, and acting like I had been there before, I found the bulk section. I got some dried mangos and papaya and grabbed a bag of flax seed meal before checking out. The cashier asked if I had a frequent customer card. When I replied in the negative, she nodded and proceeded to tell me my total. Apparently my bright blue Relient K T-shirt and worn-out Vans didn't scream at her, "Frequent Customer." Well, let's just see about that, hun.

So, long story short, I will be not be consuming any meat for the next two weeks. Just for clarity, I'm not trying to be vegan — I have no idea how people have the will power and the money to do that. I love milk, cheese and eggs too much, and have you seen how expensive the vegan products can be? Sheesh.

Also, just so we're clear, I'm not doing this for animals' sake(s?). Or because I think slaughtering cows is causing global warming (or that their "natural gas" is causing it, either.) But let's not get started on global warming. That's just asking for trouble.

I'm trying this out for me. It's purely selfish. I want to feel good, be healthier, be more conscious of what I'm putting into my body.

In fact, the more I think about it, the more I realize it has nothing to do with meat, but everything to do with more natural food. With fruits and vegetables and less oil and processed junk. It's like going a week without washing your face: Your pores are clogged and you feel disgusting. That's how my body felt before I starting eating more fruits and vegetables, like a 15-year-old's acne ridden, pore clogged face. (You're welcome, for that image.)

So, stop weeping, Catherine, I'm not giving up hamburgers forever. And I fully intend to eat a corn dog at Disneyland in a few weeks. I just want to try this, to make healthy eating a habit before incorporating some meat back in, because, after all, "flesh also of beasts and of the fowls of the air, I, the Lord, have ordained for the use of man with thanksgiving; nevertheless they are to be used sparingly" [Doctrine and Covenants 89:12].

So, wish me luck?


  1. Alright... although I have never considered being a vegetarian, I have considered being a meat-a-tarian. lol. I wish you luck. As for your "shake" that sounds disgusting. I would say stick with fruits and stuff. - Carly

  2. you can do it...vegan is a little stretch. Kristi did that for a semester...that means no Chocolate..um no thanks!

  3. i'm glad you aren't going vegan. cheese is too amazing. way to go on being healthier though! :)

  4. Good for you. We are also trying the most healthy route...not so sure how we're doing sense I just made myself sick eating Reeses. Oops.

  5. Cool! and what you describe in the hippie grocery store is mostly how I feel going into any grocery store around here ;) ok maybe just PCC, Trader Joe's and Central Market and Whole Foods...Good luck!

  6. Being a vegan is really hard and you feel like you are starving most of the time, but I think everyone could go without eating meat for a little while, just to get our bodies in check. Well I am off to eat a hamburger good luck.

  7. Liz; I do not eat very much meat, nor have I ever eaten much meat. the thing that I do eat much of is fried foods. I stay away from them to the greatest length. causes too many illnesses. I do eat fish. I love fish. Shrimp if it has been deveined. Keep up the good work.