I posted a ... post yesterday via my iPod Touch. It appeared on my blog on there, but then I noticed it wasn't there when I accessed my blog on my computer. Odd. But then Blogger wasn't available last night at midnight, so I forgot about it. This morning I can't find the post any where. Creeeeeepy.

It wasn't anything controversial, it's not like The Man took it off all Big Brother-style. It was more of a journal entry about my first couple days of no meat and then playing Ultimate Frisbee on Wednesday night after work. Maybe that's why it was deleted: Boring?

Here's the gist of it:

Being vegetarian isn't that hard so far, but I miss tuna.

I was chosen for the Ultimate team with all the good guys. I thought it was because I was considered good, too, but really it was an attempt to even out the teams. Yeah, I stunk so bad I counteracted at least two of the guys' mad skillz. Ha ha.

Add in some clever sarcasm and a bit of wit, and you have the mysterious disappearing post. Ta-dah!


  1. You're missing the part about the spandex that was good- and I was lucky enough to read it before it dissappeared. I heard from another blogger it happened to them also- same timing. Stinkin' theivin' blogger...

  2. It showed up on my Google Reader....you forgot about the Phineus and Ferb singer!