OK, so it has been three days of no meat and it's way easier than I thought. I did have to skip the BBQ chicken sandwiches at FHE, but no biggy. Tonight I went to dinner with Thomas and got nachos, sans meat. Not bad at all. You know what I do miss though? Tuna. That is staple in my life, so that fishy-pickle sandwich is dearly missed.

I played some Ultimate Frisbee after work today. Other than being made painfully aware of my increasing blindness, it was really fun. I came straight from the Herald, so my attire was a hinderance at times, but the guys still passed it to me a bit. Ha, speaking of guys, when they picked teams, I was put with four of the really pro guys. You know who I'm talking about, the ones who can make a pass with seven people guarding them and who wear really tall socks. ... Yeah. So when I saw who I had been placed with I thought, "Cool! I must be considered good, too!" And then it clicked: "No, Elizabeth, you are the weak link. The filler person, the token girl to make the teams more fair because they got all the good guys." Oooooooh. Ouch. My logical counter-part can be pretty brutally honest sometimes.

Well, at least I can go next week with my cleats and spandex and prove to them I am more than just a filler. I mean, come on, I'll be wearing spandex.

P.S. One of the guys started singing the theme song to "Phineas and Ferb." I may have fallen in love with him just a little bit. Too bad it was so dark I can't remember what he looks like.

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  1. Nothing like a little spandex and Phineas and Ferb. Am I right?