Thoughts of the Week:

1) I will never buy an animal as compensation for lack of a husband, children or friends. I see it happen, and it's borderline pathetic. That being said, it is obvious I would never talk to an animal or refer to it as a human being. (I do not apologize for this firm standard. My first inclination was to add, "Sorry, animal lovers," here, but, like I said, I'm not apologizing.)

2) It's a dangerous thing when I'm feeling rich and spontaneous at the same time. I end up receiving several packages in the mail a week or so later full of items that are great, but not absolutely necessary. However, some of you will benefit, because I tend to find things that someone else just can't live without. This episode's benefactor? Catherine. Keep a wary eye. Well, not wary, actually, since it's a good surprise.

Among the things I bought this week:

Adele's album, "21" -- You should have a listen.

An iPod Touch. I kinda broke my iPod Classic, so this was justified. Kinda.

Yes, this is a camera that looks like a juice box. How sweet is THAT?! It uses 35mm film, no batteries, no flash, and the straw acts as the on/off switch and the shutter release. This was a complete joy-purchase. No purpose except joy. :o) 
(Find it here.)

P.S. Luckily I not only felt rich, I kinda was. As in, I got a fatty tax return. So, no worries, Mom. ;o)

3) It never feels so good to be graduated from college than during finals week. (Which is in a week for BYU. Suckers.)

4) Huge turn-off for me when it comes to guys: Finding out they watch excessively crass, crude, violent or satanic movies. Rated-R or not. Seriously, what do you think you're gaining from watching them? Or, put another way, what would you really be missing by not watching them?

5) I am blessed with a quality bunch of people in my life. They're kindness, thoughtfulness, generosity and humor never cease to amaze me. Thank you.

6) I saved a daffodil from being crushed by snow, the next day it was sunny. Now it's snowing again. Not cool, Mother Nature. I need to find me some more suffering flowers.

I bought new glasses. 


  1. I always appreciate being the benefactor. Maybe someday I will actually have a long enough attention span to reciprocate.

  2. I also do not apologize for disliking animals. I even taught Rex to kick our chicken, even though they, unlike most pets, have a real purpose.