Are you ready? I am so ready. So. Ready. For. Spring. 
(And summer, for that matter.)

© 2011 e.gosney

Have you ever played 2-on-2 soccer, on an outdoor basketball court, in flip-flops? It's pretty intense. I made 3 of our 4 goals, thankyouverymuch. (Not bad for a softball player, huh?)

Have you ever watched "Return to Me" with the audio commentary on? I'm guessing no. It's pretty interesting, though. I never knew how many of the people are related to Bonnie Hunt in that movie, or how much symbolism there is. (Can you tell I didn't want to go to sleep last night? Yeah.)

I killed by iPod Classic. Bummer, right? I kinda dropped it while running. On three different occasions. And that whole, "hit your iPod really hard if you have not other choice because it'll bump the hard drive needle back into place" is total bull. Just so you know. So! I bought a (refurbished) iPod Touch. Fancyshmancy (I'm pretty sure that's one word. No hyphen). Pretty dang excited to get Angry Birds and play until my eyes drop out of my head.


  1. You know, if you lived here, you'd already be enjoying the spring. Just saying.

  2. I love to watch movies with the commentary on...cuz then when I watch it again with someone else I sound SUPER smart. Like did you know that all the Pixar movies have the room number where the artists studied illustration at in college (164 I think). Cool right?

  3. I love angry birds. Another fun ap is "the moron test"... it is super addicting.