Thoughts while watching Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding:

I haven't seen this much religious material on TV since General Conference.

Kate's dress is so classy, and not just because she married a prince. Sleeves are so classy. And lace.

I kept thinking of "Princess Bride" whenever the dudes would say, "Marriage" and pause.

Prince William has one of the best British voices I've ever heard.

Those hats are freakin' ridiculous. I'm talking about the ladies in the audience as well as the priests.

Is that Lady Gaga, sitting behind the queen?

Seriously, too many hymns.

Hey, isn't that a Mormon hymn?

Hey, isn't that an American song? Crazy Brits.

Oh my gosh, the birds are chirping outside my window here in Utah. I just pulled an all-nighter to watch a wedding I didn't care about 2 days ago.


  1. I agree. Classy. I didn't want to see her boobies anyway.

  2. An all-nighter for that? Elizabeth, you surprise me. But then, you always have.