Full-time position, my lady?
Why thank you, sir.

I'm now a big kid because I have a full-time job, with benefits and a 401(k). I know, sick, right? I mean, any sliver of a social life I had before will now be completely obliterated, but at least I'll have money for now and a little for retirement later, in all my old-maidness. But, like Emma Woodhouse says (or at least she says in the latest BBC adaptation of the book), she need not be pitied for being an old maid, should she become one (spoiler alert: she doesn't) because she'll be a RICH old maid. So, in your face, Utah culture! I'm still gonna be flirting when I'm 60 and have lots of money to attract da yunga boyz. Yeeeyah! Going on a date with a Cougar will have a whole new meaning when I get to that age. (Or maybe a double meaning. Even betta.)

Now, a timeline of my existence in pictures. All of which happened to be taken earlier this week on my day off. Fancy that.  

 This is me right now, all spicy and colorful like Thai food. (And perhaps just as stinky. Depends.)

Someday I'll get wrinkly like this tree. And white. ... Whiter. 

Then I'll die, probably on my back because I do like reclining. In a grove of trees, though? Perhaps. 

I'll live in the clouds. Or maybe just fly around in them. I don't know exactly where Heaven is located, but I'm expecting to end up there, and I also have high expectations for my physical abilities once dead. (Irony?)

And finally, the mysterious "J." Not really sure who that is, but apparently HE knows we are meant to be together. If not in real life, at least in tree-carving form. This photo is not necessarily in the right place on the timeline, but not knowing where to put it, I thought the end would be a good place. 

So there you have it. Now I think I'll go to sleep. I managed two and a half hours yesterday. (Thanks Thomas. It's always a pleasure driving you to the airport at 6 a.m. ;o)


  1. Congrats on the full time! Now you'll have money to spend at the farmers market!

  2. Have you ever read those Covenant books about the girl who was supposed to marry a guy who accidently got born a century too early? Pretty corny, but in her case she chose to die to be with him. I think there are like 5 books. It's a series. You could read them in your rich spinsterhood.

  3. @Kathy: For realz! Only a couple more weeks until it starts!
    @Sarah and Amber: Thanks! :o)
    @Heather: I appreciate your support in my decision to be an old maid. Did you just give away a major part of those books, though? Ha ha.

  4. Does this mean that you are now able to take care of us in our old age. I believe that would be next year. Do you have a basement?

  5. Congratulations! I guess you'll just have to find a husband at work....I have someone in mind. I think I'll call him cupcake from now on. :)