Guess what? I won a giveaway! First time ever, and I've entered quite a few on blogs. Granted, I only had 6 people to compete with, but hey, it still counts!

I don't know what I'll use the gift certificate for, or even where this spa place is, but whatever. It's free. :o)

I got my iPod Touch yesterday. I took some pictures (with a sweet app, no less.)

In the HFAC.

Taking a break from playing the piano. 

Outside the HFAC, talking to Kelsey.

Part of the HFAC. If I had taken this photo without the funky filter, it would've been lame. But you put it into a slide format and it suddenly looks like a long-lost photo your dad took while at BYU. Am I right? 

At home.

I'm having a good time with my new technology. Obviously. 


  1. cool pictures! What app did you use?

  2. It's called "Lo-mob." There are some other ones similar, I think, but this one had what I wanted and good reviews, too.

  3. yay for winning a give away! :)

  4. Those are some sweet pictures. I think you need to edit some new ones for the living room. The old ones are getting outdated. I'll get some to you.