Thoughts while watching Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding:

I haven't seen this much religious material on TV since General Conference.

Kate's dress is so classy, and not just because she married a prince. Sleeves are so classy. And lace.

I kept thinking of "Princess Bride" whenever the dudes would say, "Marriage" and pause.

Prince William has one of the best British voices I've ever heard.

Those hats are freakin' ridiculous. I'm talking about the ladies in the audience as well as the priests.

Is that Lady Gaga, sitting behind the queen?

Seriously, too many hymns.

Hey, isn't that a Mormon hymn?

Hey, isn't that an American song? Crazy Brits.

Oh my gosh, the birds are chirping outside my window here in Utah. I just pulled an all-nighter to watch a wedding I didn't care about 2 days ago.


Missing Washington lately and wishing I could get the time off from work to visit. For now, I'll just design some Washington pride posters. Ha. Mmm, rain and trees. 

© 2011 e. gosney


Full-time position, my lady?
Why thank you, sir.

I'm now a big kid because I have a full-time job, with benefits and a 401(k). I know, sick, right? I mean, any sliver of a social life I had before will now be completely obliterated, but at least I'll have money for now and a little for retirement later, in all my old-maidness. But, like Emma Woodhouse says (or at least she says in the latest BBC adaptation of the book), she need not be pitied for being an old maid, should she become one (spoiler alert: she doesn't) because she'll be a RICH old maid. So, in your face, Utah culture! I'm still gonna be flirting when I'm 60 and have lots of money to attract da yunga boyz. Yeeeyah! Going on a date with a Cougar will have a whole new meaning when I get to that age. (Or maybe a double meaning. Even betta.)

Now, a timeline of my existence in pictures. All of which happened to be taken earlier this week on my day off. Fancy that.  

 This is me right now, all spicy and colorful like Thai food. (And perhaps just as stinky. Depends.)

Someday I'll get wrinkly like this tree. And white. ... Whiter. 

Then I'll die, probably on my back because I do like reclining. In a grove of trees, though? Perhaps. 

I'll live in the clouds. Or maybe just fly around in them. I don't know exactly where Heaven is located, but I'm expecting to end up there, and I also have high expectations for my physical abilities once dead. (Irony?)

And finally, the mysterious "J." Not really sure who that is, but apparently HE knows we are meant to be together. If not in real life, at least in tree-carving form. This photo is not necessarily in the right place on the timeline, but not knowing where to put it, I thought the end would be a good place. 

So there you have it. Now I think I'll go to sleep. I managed two and a half hours yesterday. (Thanks Thomas. It's always a pleasure driving you to the airport at 6 a.m. ;o)


The view from my apartment. I live in a beautiful place. Sometimes I envy people who live in big cities bursting with concerts, museums, food and diversity, among other things. But then I look at my city and am grateful to have all those things in moderation in addition to big blue skies, soaring mountains, lower crime rates and just enough people that if you do something humiliating, there's a good likelihood you won't see them again ... very soon. Ha ha.

P.S. Happy birthday Mom!


Guess what? I won a giveaway! First time ever, and I've entered quite a few on blogs. Granted, I only had 6 people to compete with, but hey, it still counts!

I don't know what I'll use the gift certificate for, or even where this spa place is, but whatever. It's free. :o)

I got my iPod Touch yesterday. I took some pictures (with a sweet app, no less.)

In the HFAC.

Taking a break from playing the piano. 

Outside the HFAC, talking to Kelsey.

Part of the HFAC. If I had taken this photo without the funky filter, it would've been lame. But you put it into a slide format and it suddenly looks like a long-lost photo your dad took while at BYU. Am I right? 

At home.

I'm having a good time with my new technology. Obviously. 


Thoughts of the Week:

1) I will never buy an animal as compensation for lack of a husband, children or friends. I see it happen, and it's borderline pathetic. That being said, it is obvious I would never talk to an animal or refer to it as a human being. (I do not apologize for this firm standard. My first inclination was to add, "Sorry, animal lovers," here, but, like I said, I'm not apologizing.)

2) It's a dangerous thing when I'm feeling rich and spontaneous at the same time. I end up receiving several packages in the mail a week or so later full of items that are great, but not absolutely necessary. However, some of you will benefit, because I tend to find things that someone else just can't live without. This episode's benefactor? Catherine. Keep a wary eye. Well, not wary, actually, since it's a good surprise.

Among the things I bought this week:

Adele's album, "21" -- You should have a listen.

An iPod Touch. I kinda broke my iPod Classic, so this was justified. Kinda.

Yes, this is a camera that looks like a juice box. How sweet is THAT?! It uses 35mm film, no batteries, no flash, and the straw acts as the on/off switch and the shutter release. This was a complete joy-purchase. No purpose except joy. :o) 
(Find it here.)

P.S. Luckily I not only felt rich, I kinda was. As in, I got a fatty tax return. So, no worries, Mom. ;o)

3) It never feels so good to be graduated from college than during finals week. (Which is in a week for BYU. Suckers.)

4) Huge turn-off for me when it comes to guys: Finding out they watch excessively crass, crude, violent or satanic movies. Rated-R or not. Seriously, what do you think you're gaining from watching them? Or, put another way, what would you really be missing by not watching them?

5) I am blessed with a quality bunch of people in my life. They're kindness, thoughtfulness, generosity and humor never cease to amaze me. Thank you.

6) I saved a daffodil from being crushed by snow, the next day it was sunny. Now it's snowing again. Not cool, Mother Nature. I need to find me some more suffering flowers.

I bought new glasses. 


Are you ready? I am so ready. So. Ready. For. Spring. 
(And summer, for that matter.)

© 2011 e.gosney

Have you ever played 2-on-2 soccer, on an outdoor basketball court, in flip-flops? It's pretty intense. I made 3 of our 4 goals, thankyouverymuch. (Not bad for a softball player, huh?)

Have you ever watched "Return to Me" with the audio commentary on? I'm guessing no. It's pretty interesting, though. I never knew how many of the people are related to Bonnie Hunt in that movie, or how much symbolism there is. (Can you tell I didn't want to go to sleep last night? Yeah.)

I killed by iPod Classic. Bummer, right? I kinda dropped it while running. On three different occasions. And that whole, "hit your iPod really hard if you have not other choice because it'll bump the hard drive needle back into place" is total bull. Just so you know. So! I bought a (refurbished) iPod Touch. Fancyshmancy (I'm pretty sure that's one word. No hyphen). Pretty dang excited to get Angry Birds and play until my eyes drop out of my head.