3.29.11 #2

I was at FHE for about 30 seconds when my friend Andy said hi to me, followed with, "You working tonight? No? Wanna go to the Nickelcade?"

What do you think I said?

We played Ninja Turtles, NBA Jam (or something to that effect. I lost by 2. Bummer.), Cruisin' the World, Dr. Mario (I killed, obviously), air hockey, Deal or No Deal (we got 20 tickets), some crazy shoot-em-up game based in India where you simultaneously kill giant spiders and giant leeches, while being told how compatible you are with the person sitting next to you (78%, apparently). We gambled a lot of the nickels away (it always pays off in the end. But for all you young, impressionable people *cough*Catherine*cough* gambling is bad), and played skeeball, of course! And with 2 nickels left, we tried out Golden Axe. Best choice we ever made. First of all, it only cost 1 nickel to play. Secondly, we played for close to 5 minutes without dying, and thirdly, Andy's character had a dwarf on his back from the start — a dwarf! — and we stole a giant, rideable preying mantis from some crippled warrior. Like I said, best choice ever.

After all the nickels were gone, we counted up our tickets (250, and actually, a machine counts them for you. Crazy technology these days) and got fake mustaches and a back-scratcher. Made in China, no less.

The Nickelcade is amazing. I think when I get married, I'm gonna have the reception at the Nickelcade. No, for reals, that would be SWEET!

Groucho Marx and Luigi's estranged wife.

Tom Selleck? No, Andy Allred.

The back-scratcher doubles as a mustache comb. What a deal, right?


  1. wow your hair is hecka long! I finally got mine cut, it's not as thick as yours. I'm glad you had fun.

  2. I'm coming to your reception. Sounds like fun!