Do you have one of those shirts that you put on in an attempt to transport yourself, even for a moment, into another time or place or life, or all three?

Yeah, me either.

That is, I didn't until this week. See, I bought shirt last week — on sale with an additional discount, no less — and it makes me want to escape to a beach house with white walls and blue couches, a big porch and even bigger windows that look out into a cloud-spotted sky and the ocean that stretches out for infinity.

Who knew a shirt could invoke such a strong desire?


  1. Cute shirt. I like it. It looks good on you...well, what I can see. Unless it has some hideous ruffle or something on the bottom, I like it.

  2. It looks like a sailing shirt. My first thoughts were, being on a sail boat with a cool breeze and a bottle of martinelli's (sp ?). Oh and by the way it's way cute.

  3. Your hair is super long. Also, I have many shirts like that...I call them my Liz Lemon shirts because they make me feel like Liz Lemon...of course if you talk to Amber I am Liz Lemon so then every shirt should make me feel like that. Nonetheless, I agree.

  4. Actually, I was thinking a French beret' would go very nicely with the shirt. Be sure to wear it at a jaunty slant.