I had one goal for today's Rex Lee 5K Run: Don't stop to walk. And I didn't. So, booyah. And even though I only finished about 5 minutes before the first 10K runner came in, I didn't walk.

Please forgive my face. It was early (for me) and, well, you already know I have a gimp face.

Katie and me at the beginning.

Thomas and me. (He didn't run it, he can do a lot more than 3.1 miles, but he came to support me. What a good brother!)

Thomas and me after the race, at his apartment. 

At home, marinating in my stench. Mmmm, boy. 

I didn't get pictures with everyone I'd hoped -- I cut it kinda close having to go home and get my bib (number) because I forgot it. Thus, I was later to the starting line and had to forgo pictures. Bummer. But I got one with Thomas, who is the reason I started training for a 5K and why I want to continue running. Like I said, I have an awesome brother. 

Next up: 10K. 
Maybe next year. :o)


  1. Yeah! Way to go. I ran a 5k once I have no desire to do that again. The shirts are cute this year.

  2. Good for you for actually running it--unlike me and Amber who say we're going to do it every year and then never do...Congrats.

  3. Yay for Elizabeth, I mean Uhbizabeth! That last picture of you is super cute.

  4. Way to go, Elizabeth. I admire runners so much. And yes, you do have an awesome brother(s). That's the second time I've used the word "awesome" in the last 15 minutes. I need to expand my vocabulary.