2.28.11 #2

One of my goals for 2011, and hopefully for life, is to read at least one book a month of my own choosing. So far (in 2011) I have read "Wuthering Heights." I'm half-way done with "Great Expectations" (obviously I'm a little behind seeing as it's the last day of the month) and for March I plan to finish "Little Men" which I started reading when I had my two-month stint in Texas last year.

By the way:

"Wuthering Heights" by Emily Bronte -- 
[Simply put, there was too little kindness, too few people to root for, and too little exceptional writing -- the kind that makes me think, "Ah, yes, THAT is why I want to be a writer. To write a passage as great as that." The story was intriguing, though, I'll give Emily that.]

"Great Expectations" by Charles Dickens -- Up to this point 
[Simply put, it is a fascinating story filled with both likable and unlikable characters, good details, some funny lines and enough mystery to make me want to keep reading page after page, but not too much that I'm confused.]

Any suggestions on what to read for April?


  1. Count of Monte Cristo. That's my favorite book.

  2. I hated Wuthering Heights. But loved the Secret Life of Bees.