Yeah, you heard me right. I hear that's what all the cool bloggers are doing these days. And with this giveaway, everyone wins.

After reading a chapter in "Writing Down the Bones" by Natalie Goldberg in which she describes selling original poems for $1 at carnivals and fairs, made on-the-spot for each customer, I decided to try it.

But I don't want to charge for my poems (yet), so instead, I'll give them away. Here.

All you have to do is comment on this post, giving me a topic (any topic, nothing is too strange or too cliche) and how and where you want me to send it. (Either an e-mail address or a mailing address.) Or, if you don't want other people seeing that private information, e-mail me at limpfaceliz [at] gmail [dot] com

There are no guarantees on length, quality or accuracy to what you were expecting, but it's free, and it's yours. Only yours.

So really you have nothing to lose.

Comment. Get a free poem.

Happy Sabbath.


  1. love this. :)

    please send my free poem to kristaqm@gmail[dot]com.

    the topic? snow and lollipops

    thank you very much.

  2. I would like a free poem. The topic is spiral mac and cheese.

  3. Yes, me... I want one!!! Ummm... topic... I would like the topic to be toes. Thank you. :)

    My email is mishkamo@yahoo.com.

  4. Me too...topic....lactose-free milk.


  5. Billy says he would like a poem about the following:
    The vietnamese tradition of cooking rice in a clay pot and then breaking the pot in order to remove said rice, then throwing the rice patty across the room to remove the clay shards, then tossing it on a plate where scallion sauce is added. Finally a freshly killed king cobra is brought into the room and promptly cut open to expose it's beating heart where it is removed and placed atop the rice.

    Me...I would like a poem about Mr. Wickham's secret (and unrequited) love for none other than....Mrs Bennet! Oh...how scandalous!

  6. Yes! I'll frame it and when you're famous, I'll be rich. Topic: kings

    Email: heather[dot]patricia[dot]baker[at]gmail[dot]com

  7. Liz; You are so wonderful to share your talents with all who care to join in. My topic is my husband Mark. You remember him, do you not. Have fun with that one and you can email it to questav@sisna.com