I didn't work today. I know, it's a miracle. (I haven't had a Saturday off in a long, long time.)

I also didn't work on Monday or Tuesday, so I went to Monument Valley to visit Devon, Sarah and the boys. I used my low-end cameras more than my mucho-expensivo camera (I'm getting pretty good at Spanish, huh?) Here's some of what I saw.

At the park! 

(Photo by Spencer)

I realized on my way out of town that I hadn't taken any pictures of monuments. I was pretty haggard, so it was easier to make ugly faces than nice ones. Sorry, Mom.

See the bear and rabbit? In the middle. 

Driving back.

I took more pictures of the boys. Go to my photography blog to see them. Yeah, they made the photography blog. My many self-portraits? Not so much. :o)
Oh, and I would've gotten pictures of Devon but he was either working or playing Angry Birds. Ha ha, such a great game. 

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