Remember that homeschooling article I wrote for LDS Living Magazine? OK, probably not, but I did write one. And it got quite the response. Apparently anything not praising home school is attacking it, so I was not a popular person amongst the homeschooling mothers (and fathers, I suppose) in the great-LDS community of opinionated-Internet-using homeschoolers. Ha ha. Anyway, LDS Living compiled the Top 10 LDS Living Stories of 2010 and my article made No. 2. (See it here -- Because the article wasn't published online [they wanted more people to buy the print edition, I suppose], they posted a summary of the article along with a poll to see what people thought. So that's what's listed in the Top 10).

Anyway, long explanation for a simple bit of news.


  1. That is AWESOME! Way to not insult anyone but make people mad anyway. You rock.

  2. Well done Elizabeth. Glad I could be of service to you.

  3. way too go cuz!!! I thought the article showed lots of pros and cons.